Funk, Soul and Gospel Keyboard Chops by LOOPTONE

Get your groove on with the definitive library of keyboard loops for funk, soul, hip-hop, R&B, house, downtempo and more: Funk, Soul and Gospel Keyboard Chops (Affiliate Link)

Funk, Soul and Gospel Keyboard Chops (Affiliate Link) brings you 1.4GB of live organ, Rhodes electric piano and acoustic piano performances by Brit keyboard wizard George Cooper. George’s extensive list of recording credits includes U2, Slum Village, Haggis Horns, Hans Zimmer, Lack of Afro, The Abstract Orchestra and The Lewis Express, the last of which sees him walking in the shoes of legendary jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis.

The pack is divided into four instrumental categories: Organ Bass Loops, Organ Loops, Piano Loops, and Rhodes Loops, and each category houses a diverse array of super soulful riffs, chord progressions, freestyle solo elements and more, at 95, 105, 120 and 130bpm.

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The keyboards themselves comprise a Fender Rhodes 73 (through a Fender Deluxe combo and Shure SM7B), a Nord Stage 88 and a Yamaha SE122 Upright, and the recording chain used to capture them is fronted by CAPI 500 series preamps, delivering a rich, warm, evocative sound. Central to the whole thing, though, are George’s dazzling ivory-tickling skills, and the authentic, tasteful compositional ideas on which the loops are based.

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