Loopcloud 5.1 Adds User-requested Features, Enhanced Search and Export

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 17 February 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Loopcloud 5.1 Updated

Loopcloud 5.1 (Affiliate Link) brings more user-requested features, enhanced search and export, a major plugin suite update, plus more unique content. It has never been easier to find inspiration and make music with Loopcloud.

Loopcloud (Affiliate Link) is an award-winning app & plugin suite that automatically syncs with your DAW to give you access to 4 million unique sounds and instruments in the world’s most fully-featured sample manager. With so many sounds, a loop editor, effects rack and plugin suite at your fingertips, plus over 500,000 new sounds added annually, Loopcloud complements your creativity and inspires originality.

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New Features 

macOS Catalina support 

For Mac users who have updated their operating system to 10.15.

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Search for multiple sounds with tabs

View your library, browse products and have multiple searches open at once. Keep track of all the sounds you are looking for in your project.  

Export enhancements

  • Multiple file export: hold alt while dragging from the original or processed export buttons to all the tracks at once
  • Single file export: drag from the track icon to export the processed file individually
  • Region export: drag a region directly from the loop editor to export individual slices to your DAW. 

Clickable editor play-head

Play-heads are now available in the loop editor for improved synchronized auditioning when working with long samples. Continue to stay in time when moving the play-head within the loop editor.

Grain-stretch effect

Joining the six existing effects, Grain-stretch delivers the sound of old-school time stretching. 

Search speed improvements

Find the sounds you’re looking for even quicker, store search is now much faster.

Library filtering 

The user library folder view now includes search. Click on a tag or type a tag into the new filter library box and see only the folders and files that match that tag.

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Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play 

Our inspirational Loopcloud (Affiliate Link) Drum and Loopcloud (Affiliate Link) Play plugins bring creative beat-making and playable virtual instruments to your Loopcloud experience. With a free factory library featuring beats and sounds from some of Loopmaster’s biggest artists, subscribers can access an ever-expanding library of top quality content with new releases every month. 

Loopcloud Drum 1.1 New Features 

Take your inspirational beats to the next level with Audio and MIDI Export.  

Drag and drop your audio mixdown, sub-mixes, single one-shots or MIDI files direct from Loopcloud Drum to your DAW. 

Add your own sounds to existing kits or create your own killer kits with Audio Import 

Drag and drop any sample from your Loopcloud library onto a pad in Loopcloud Drum, Combine the power and depth of the Loopcloud library with the inspiration of Loopcloud Drum.

Explore new preset combinations

Mix and match kits, patterns, parameters and effects, helping you to come up with new combinations and genre-bending inspiration.

Loopcloud Play 1.1 New Features 

Access all areas

Unlock the power of the Loopcloud Play’s synth engine, including sample time-stretch, lo-fi, tilt EQ, 12 filter types with envelope and LFOs. Plus three assignable FX slots with reverbs, delays, distortions, and chorus. 

Fully customize your sound

The edit page gives you the tools for deep sound design, or customize your performance controls.

Explore new preset combinations

Mix and match samples, parameters and effects help you to come up with a rich and diverse set of sounds for your tracks 


Loopcloud (Affiliate Link) is available on subscription and comes with a free 30-day trial, prices start at £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99.  

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