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SCORING MALLETS by handandheldsound SALE

SCORING MALLETS offers an abundance of features all targeting seamless Composition and idiomatic writing that compliments modern scoring.

For only $59.99 (instead of $199.99), get SCORING MALLETS (Affiliate Link) by HandHeldSound! Scoring Mallets feature 3 instruments – Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone. Limited time offer, hurry and save!

The robust 38,000+ samples along with up to 5 microphone perspectives translate to ultra authentic and playable instruments. Additional powerful features such as the Acoustic Positioner™ and numerous intuitive playing techniques extend this library to boast unparalleled quality.

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Recorded in a beautiful large scoring room, its primary use is for scoring applications, however, using its full-featured mixer and proper microphone balance it excels in virtually every musical style!


  • Premium Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone: Recorded in a beautiful Scoring room and includes multi velocities, extreme dynamic range, round-robin and release samples for ultra-realistic playback.
  • Extremely Sampled: Features over 38,000 samples and up to 5 microphone perspectives – Tight, Center, Loose, Stage, and Wides/Surround. Custom scripts were designed to enhance each instrument with versatile articulations and enhanced playability. (14GB uncompressed).
  • Effortless idiomatic writing: With Scoring Mallets you can elegantly play single notes, Trills, Rolls, Glissandi, and for the first time, have dedicated access to 4-Mallet playing techniques. These options allow complete freedom of idiomatic writing without the use of pre-recorded loops.
  • Polyphonic Step Sequencer for Ostinati generation: Design sequenced patterns and trigger them in realtime. Create up to 4-note polyphonic and polyrhythmic Ostinati with complete control over timing, tempo, and dynamics.
  • Acoustic Positioner™: Place the instrument anywhere on the stage with HandHeldSound’s innovative Acoustic Positioner™.
  • Playability enhancements: Scoring Mallets includes a customized Logarithmic velocity control and extensive real-time performance, timing, and humanization options that ensure ultra realistic playback.
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Premium Instruments. Detailed Scoring Sound

Scoring Mallets feature premium custom instruments from Marimba One, Malletech, and Yamaha. We chose custom Mallets that combine medium soft outer material with a harder more articulate core to bring out both warmth and resonance from the instruments.

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Ultra idiomatic playback. From single notes to Ripple Rolls

Scoring Mallets makes effective use of its massive sample pool for a lot more than plenty of velocity layers, round robins and release samples. We have designed custom scripts for authentic Trills, Rolls, and Glissandi with complete control over tempo and humanization. You can apply Crescendo, time-shifting, and velocity drifts all in real-time if you wish.

Acoustic Positioner™. Truthful positioning around the stage

HandHeldSound developed a totally new concept with instrument positioning. Unlike panning, instrument positioning is a spatial effect that relies on the acoustic properties of the recording space. Scoring Mallets was recorded in a beautiful scoring room and with our Acoustic Positioner, you are now able to move instruments around the stage to better fit your production, especially when doing scoring and using a variety of instruments from different libraries. Acoustic Positioner offers true positioning capabilities without relying on convolution and panning mock-ups. The engine is based on specific microphone arrays and placement that allowed us to create a comprehensive time and phase matrix that is entirely sample-based. There are no gimmicks and no simulation. You are actually moving the instrument around the stage smoothly with virtually no extra CPU usage!

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Playback control. Complete control over timing and performance

HandHeldSound enhanced the playability using a logarithmic velocity sensitivity control that allows you to fit the velocity curve to any playing style. There are key performance controls that include Crescendo/Diminuendo and auto-detection of Rolls, Trills, and Glissando. Playback can be controlled further utilizing adjustable time and velocity drifts.

Every performance nuance is easily controlled. The custom playback scripts infuse performances with a ‘human’ feel through a variety of built-in humanization algorithms.

Special Pricing

SCORING MALLETS (Affiliate Link) is normally valued at $199.99 but will be available for just $59.99 (Affiliate Link) for a limited time only (70% off). This promo (Affiliate Link) ends at midnight (EST) on Sunday, March 1st, 2020.

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