• By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 17 February 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.


WAVE is STRING AUDIO’s new Kontakt Library. You can use one of the 394 pre-programmed snapshots (presets) or easily create your own using their Randomoze Engine. Six Layers, seven independent LFO and five dedicated FX for layers 1-2-3 and five independent LFO and two dedicated FX for layers 4-5-6 plus the possibility to further sculpt the sound with the six Convolvers of the Color Engine for a total of an impressive 63 total simultaneous LFOs, FX and Convolvers. Requires the FULL version of Kontakt 6.2.1 or above (sold separately by Native Instruments).

  • Powered by our brand new Kontakt Engine
  • 2+ GB of Sample Material
  • 1+ GB of Impulse Responses
  • 200+ Multi-Sampled Sounds
  • 640+ Unique Samples
  • 390+ Snapshots (Presets)
  • 63 Simultaneous LFO/FX/CONVOLVERS
  • Six Layers
  • Color Engine – 6 Convolvers – 328 Impulse Responses
  • Powerful Randomize Engine
  • Import your own samples

Introductory Discounted Price of 99USD is Available Only For a Few Days.

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