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SampleTraxx’s SONIKSCAPE Abstract Soundscapes Collection Playthrough




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SONIKSCAPE Sound Playthrough

SampleTraxx SONIKSCAPE is a versatile sound library for many different uses, from commercials and documentaries to Tv or film scores, movie trailers and nail-biting scene setters for moments of tension and suspense, abstract sound design for science fiction and drama.

Sonikscape is a collaboration between SampleTraxx and German sound designer Sebastian Emling. This team also produced Cinematic Zither and Old Broken Piano.

340 WAV sounds 48/24 organized in 12 categories featuring Tension Beds and Evolving Soundscapes, unusual and creative Vocal Textures, Avant-garde and experimental sonic textural and sound design, Cinematic Soundscapes, Vocal Breath Fx, Abstract Textures, Flute Soundscape and more.

image 26
SampleTraxx’s SONIKSCAPE Abstract Soundscapes Collection Playthrough 3

Sonikscapes is another excellent collection of score elements when producing underscores, effects, dark atmospheres, cinematic soundscapes, ambient music, horror and thriller sound scores.

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