FADED REELS or LO-FI GLOW – get the other half price.

FADED REELS and LO-FI GLOW celebrate the gritty, the dusty, and the wobbly – the magic that happens when sounds get rougher. Get over 50 kits of production-ready, lo-fi drums, loops, synth presets, and more, with our FADED REELS Expansion, and craft fuzzed-out, hazy melodies with our Play Series instrument, LO-FI GLOW.


Fuzzy chords, cozy keys, dusty drums, and pastel textures, the FADED REELS Expansion comes packed with all the sounds you need to create the perfect vibe in MASCHINE or any DAW. Includes 50 MASCHINE kits, 59 BATTERY kits, 295 loops, synth presets, and more. More about FADED REELS


Our latest Play Series instrument, LO-FI GLOW comes packed with over 100 presets of instantly-playable sounds full of low-fidelity charm. New sound design controls, effects, and more let you transform original recordings of keys, organs, guitars, and bass into dreamy, fuzzy textures all of your own. More about LO-FI GLOW

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Buy one for 49,00 € and get the other half price – for a limited time.

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