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Cinematic Design Course Available Now




Cinematic Design Course Available Now

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Cinematic Design Course Available Now

This is something Evenant has been working a lot on, compiling what Walid from Evenant know and have learned about art and design, creating a full course program for beginners and intermediates alike. Now you have access to it in the latest Cinematic Design Course (Affiliate Link).

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In Walid’s unique Cinematic Design Course (Affiliate Link), you’ll embark on an 8-module journey to learn the very foundations of art and design, techniques and methods, mindsets and fundamentals and finally be able to take your ideas and turn them into beautiful finished digital paintings.

This is a perfect beginner’s course.

  • Generating ideas and bringing them to a finish
  • Simplified art fundamentals such as color theory, design principles and -elements, composition, perspective, and more
  • Photoshop from the eyes of a digital artist
  • Rendering any material, with examples of fire, rock, metal, cloth, water, and leather
  • Painting landscapes and characters from scratch
  • Matte painting techniques
  • Earning money from your art
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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • A Full Foundation In Digital Painting, Art & Design
  • How to Paint Stunning Environments and Characters
  • Simplified Art Fundamentals such as
  • Color Theory, Composition, Perspective, Design Elements & Principles, Flow, Unity & Harmony, And More
  • Matte Painting techniques
  • The S3 Method™ for creating artworks Fast, Simple and Finishing with a beautiful result
  • Generate Cool Concept Art Ideas in seconds
  • How to Paint Any Material with this one simple Mindset
  • How To Turn your Passion of Art Into Income
Cinematic Design Course
Cinematic Design Course Available Now 8

Now you can learn Walid’s unique techniques and methods on creating stunning concept art!

Cinematic Design Course Available Now
Cinematic Design Course Available Now 9

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