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Record With The Acoustic Ambiance Of The Legendary Sunset Sound Studios

IK Multimedia launched T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb, available for Mac/PC now! Packing decades of music history into a single processor, this plug-in allows musicians everywhere to record with the acoustic ambiance and sonic signature of this iconic recording facility in Los Angeles, California.

T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb gives you a total of 12 spaces, with 3 echo chambers, 3 live rooms and 3 vocal booths, each carefully captured in the sweet spots used on countless hit records. IK duplicated the exact mic placements from the original session notes for unparalleled sound and accuracy.

In addition to the rooms and chambers, T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb also offers two of Sunset’s vintage plate reverbs, an EMT 140 and Echoplate, as well as their AKG BX-20E spring reverb.

T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb offers an immersive experience that lets users add the exact sound from countless hit songs, from the Doors to the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Prince, Rage Against The Machine, and many more.

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  • Captures the acoustics of the iconic Sunset Sound studios 
  • Includes each studio’s live room, iso booth, and 3 echo chambers
  • Includes two plate and one spring reverb, all original vintage units
  • IK’s proprietary Volumetric Response Modeling (VRM™) technology gives you ultra-realistic sound spaces
  • Variable room dampening and multiple microphone positions
  • Console preamp and signal path modeling add the exact harmonic content of the studio gear for warm, lush reverbs
  • Pre Delay & Decay Time controls, EQ and mic options
  • Dry & Wet signal volume controls with solo buttons
  • Works as a single plug-in or inside T-RackS 5 

To capture both the unique acoustics of each studio, IK used its unique Volumetric Response Modeling (VRM™), an advanced hybrid convolution technique, to deliver the highest-quality reverb effects possible, and ensure the results of T-RackS’s processing were indistinguishable from recordings made in the real rooms.

A complete studio complex in a single plug-in

T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb gives you a total of 12 spaces, with 3 echo chambers, 3 live rooms, and 3 vocal booths, plus vintage EMT and Echoplate plate reverbs and an AKG spring reverb still in use at the facility today, giving you a full suite of reverb effects in a single plug-in.

Like all T-RackS plug-ins, T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb offers you two ways to work: as a single plug-in, or inside the T-RackS 5 shell.

The T-RackS shell offers a unique, modular system with up to 16-processor chains, series & parallel routing, easy A/B/C/D comparison, up to 192 kHz / 32-bit floating-point processing and much more, in both a plug-in and stand-alone mastering application.

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