Dive into Dimension Art for Cypher2

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 28 February 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Cypher2 Expander: Dimension Art

Choose from a range of smooth, reedy and organic sounds with a synthetic edge that responds to a variety of touches and gestures, keeping you inspired and adding new flair to your MPE performances. Clavinets and electric pianos are available in a range of timbres, as well as percussion, synth, and mallet sounds that are incredibly responsive to MPE touch, all with performance & XY controls that can be used to gently augment each sound further.

Dimension Art is for the players — a selection of delicate, malleable and rich sounds for a variety of styles and genres, carefully crafted by sound designer Geoffrey Gee. Geoffrey Gee is a pianist, composer and sound designer based in upstate New York. His sound design career dates back to the 1990s at Kurzweil Music Systems, where he served as a chief voicing artist for a number of the most sought after keyboards, modules, and workstations of the day. He worked with the company’s famously high quality sampled instruments and added detailed models for the real-time control of articulation and vibrato. He also pioneered a technique of voicing multiple sampled instruments in such a way as to allow keyboard players to create expressive and realistic orchestral arrangements live with their two hands.

Dimension Art joins Elemental EDM, Textured Waves, and Vivid Sequences in the growing family of Cypher2 expanders. Each expander contains both 2D and 5D sounds featuring performance and XY controls.

  • 100 presets (50 x 5D and 50 x standard)
  • Each preset includes performance and XY pad modulation
  • Easy drag & drop installation
  • Compatible with both Cypher2 and ROLI Studio Player
  • Requires Cypher2 v2.5.1.2 and above
  • Geoffrey Gee preset demo film

Sounds in Dimension Art have been optimized for the ROLI Seaboard RISE. For those using conventional controllers, there are standard versions of each sound featuring dedicated modulation via channel pressure/aftertouch.

Available now on FXpansion.com, Dimension Art features a selection of 50 delicate, malleable, expansively dimensional sounds, in both MPE and standard formats. Download today for $25 (£20):

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