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Hyperbent melds together Puremagnetik’s celebrated line of glitchy, circuit bent, grit-driven instruments into one bag of tricks. This bundle includes 6 Packs with over 80 electrically modified and hacked instrument programs, over 200 clips and over 500 individual multi-samples. It is available in Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

Over 80 circuit bent and electronics hacked instrument programs. Over 200 clips. Over 500 individual multi-samples. Hyperbent melds together Puremagnetik’s celebrated line of glitchy, circuit bent, grit-driven instruments into one bag of tricks.

Hyperbent comes with Artifact, Hackshop, Bender, Skatik, Voltbox*, Realistik* in Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

*Voltbox and Realstik come in Ableton Live and Puremagnetik “EXS Universal” format that can open in Logic, Kontakt or any other platform that can read EXS files.

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Artifact is a library of sound palettes created from digital anomalies and malfunctions. It includes 6 kits and a collection of looped clips in Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument & Logic formats.

Artifact Features

• 6 kits packed with digital malfunctions
• Multi-sampled library with advanced DAW integration
• A collection of expertly programmed clips
• High quality 24 bit 96khz audio samples
• Custom Ableton Racks, Kontakt KSP GUI and Logic Channel Strips

For Ableton Live 9 and up, Kontakt 5 and up, Logic 8 and up


Hackshop is a versatile collection of sampled blips, beeps, bumps and squeals from the circuit bent arsenal of TVS. Ableton Live 9 and higher or Kontakt 5 or higher or Logic 9 and higher


Bender comes packed with over 100 phrases of looped madness, 5 percussive kit menus and various other squelching, squealing sonic elements guaranteed to satisfy the destructive streak in any producer. Requires Ableton Live 9 or higher, Kontakt 5 or higher, Logic 9 or higher
150 MB free hard drive space


Skatik is a collection of instruments, sound effects, percussion kits, and looped digital freak-outs sourced from a heavy circuit bent Casio SK-5.

Skatik features

• A complete circuit bent Casio SK-5 synthesizer emulation.
• Hundreds of high quality samples.
• Ableton Live Racks with precise incremental controls.
• Kontakt KSP easy edit GUI.
• Logic EXS version includes Channel Strip Settings with Logic effects.

Requires Ableton Live 9 and higher, Logic X and higher, or Kontakt 5 and higher


VoltBox is an Ableton Live Pack that contains 10 unique and playful Instrument Racks featuring the chaotic tones of several circuit bent toys. Requires Ableton Live 8 and higher.


Realistik comes packed with 24 advanced Instrument Racks based on the sounds of a heavy circuit bent Realistic Concertmate 360 keyboard. Requires Ableton Live 9 and up, or an EXS compatible host like Kontakt or Logic

Through Sunday – 1. March 2020, Download Hyperbent for $10 (normally $49).

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