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BRAAMS Vol. 2 by SampleTraxx

SampleTraxx launched BRAAMS Vol.2 is an new selection of braams. You want to reach out to braams to evaluate a scene think about the last action trailer you watched to appear bigger.

Braams Vol.2 offers a comprehensive collection of organic, raw and emotive custom braams, low-end tones, processed double bass and field recording, bass morph, pitch motion and more.

BRAAMS Vol.2 Categories

  • Big End
  • Dark Hybrid Braams
  • Double Bass Swell
  • Braams Elements
  • Low Dept
  • Melodic Braams
  • Noise Drop
  • Pitch Motion
  • Resonator
  • Reversed Braams

BRAAMS Vol.2 is now available at SampleTraxx.

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