Love Letter Vocal Pack by AngelicVibes

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 1 March 2022
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Love Letter Vocal Pack by AngelicVibes

We all need a little inspiration, and what better way than with the beautiful vocals of an artist like Brianne Taylor. Her soothing yet powerful voice will take your ambient Rnb tracks to another level! In Love Letter you’ll find original phrases that are both creative as well innovative – such amazing harmonies make this collection perfect for any producer looking up their game in terms of creativity or quality production values.

AngelicVibes Teaming with Brianne Taylor

AngelicVibes teamed up with singer-songwriter Brianne Taylor to produce a wonderful vocal collection to inspire your ambient Rnb, Electronic, and Hip-Hop tracks. Love Letter is a collection offering an array of individual material that will take your productions to the next level. From original and creative vocal phrases to incredible harmonies.

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RAW, Ambient Mixed Vocals, and Vocal Loops

This chill vocal pack Love Letter features 100 beautifully recorded RAW vocals, 40 ambient mixed vocals, and over 30 vocal loops.

This vocal pack is perfect for anyone looking to add depth and dimensionality to their music. It features 100 beautifully recorded RAW vocals, 40 ambient mixed samples that can be used as leads or background noise- whatever you like! And over 30 loops so there’s no limit on how much creative potential these tracks have in store – just give them legs via your favorite DAW (or even better yet: live!)

Love Letter Vocal Pack

The vocals in Love Letter are recorded by a talented vocalist who has a great voice and knows how to make catchy melodies. The ambient loops and effects help to create an interesting and unique sound, which is perfect for your next track. Love Letter has everything you need, whether you’re looking for vocals, loops, or effects.

There are a plethora of vocal packs on the market, but the most popular ones use recycled voices or don’t sound interesting or distinctive. Love Letter addresses all of that by providing authentic recorded voice samples, relaxing vocal loops, and fun vocal distortions. For hundreds of producers worldwide, Love Letter has become a must-have vocal library.

Add some spice to your next track with this female vocal pack including 175+ samples and loops. You can purchase LOVE LETTER now for $29.95

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