Marbles v1.2 Firmware Available

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 6 March 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Marbles v1.2 Firmware

Please read the user manual to learn more about the upgrade procedure. You can download the update file here.

Marbles Tides Stages
Stages, Marbles, and Tides

Marbles v1.2 Firmware

  • When the module is in external processing mode, with an external clock for the X section, and when this clock’s patch cable is unplugged from the X clock input, so that an internal clock is now used for the X section, the acquired CV data on output X1 (which was shifted to outputs X2 and X3) is now copied to the DEJA VU loop of all three outputs.
  • If a 3-second pause (or a pause lasting more than 4 clock ticks, whichever is the longest) is observed on the t section’s clock signal, the rhythmic pattern played by the t section will reset to the first step at the next clock tick.
  • New super lock feature. A long press on the t or X DEJA VU buttons locks the random generation for this section – which will stop responding to the DEJA VU knob. When a section is in this super locked state, the illuminated push-button blinks rapidly. Press it to bring it back to normal. In other words, the t and X section can be in these 3 states:
    • Illuminated push-button off: random without repetition (equivalent to DEJA VU set to the minimum).
    • Illuminated push-button on: randomness amount controlled by the DEJA VU knob.
    • Illuminated push-button rapidly blinking: locked loop without randomness (equivalent to DEJA VU locked to 12 o’clock).

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