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Noiiz Filter – Sound Sculpting Filter





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Free Noiiz Sound Sculpting Filter

The Noiiz Filter is an uncomplicated effect filter plugin. The effect was designed after analog modeling DSP. The Noiiz wants to be a novel noise generator and a super fat overdrive circuit.

Noiiz Filter Features

  • 9 analog modeled filter circuits
  • Super analog drive and resonance
  • Adaptive noise control
  • A large bank of noise samples
  • Noise pitch control

Noiiz Filter supports 9 filter types. The filter have been created based on the classic synth analog filter circuits.

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Noiiz Filter – Sound Sculpting Filter 3

Noiiz describes the result as smooth, musical, warm and fat. The resonance is sweet and when combined with the overdriven circuit, it distorts beautifully.

Download the Noiiz filter now and see how it can shape your tracks. 

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