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Free Noiiz Sound Sculpting Filter

The Noiiz Filter is an uncomplicated effect filter plugin. The effect was designed after analog modeling DSP. The Noiiz wants to be a novel noise generator and a super fat overdrive circuit.

Noiiz Filter Features

  • 9 analog modeled filter circuits
  • Super analog drive and resonance
  • Adaptive noise control
  • A large bank of noise samples
  • Noise pitch control

Noiiz Filter supports 9 filter types. The filter have been created based on the classic synth analog filter circuits.

content filternoise noback 2
Noiiz Filter - Sound Sculpting Filter 2

Noiiz describes the result as smooth, musical, warm and fat. The resonance is sweet and when combined with the overdriven circuit, it distorts beautifully.

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Download the Noiiz filter now and see how it can shape your tracks. 

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