Review of Superchord by lmdsp a Sympathetic String Resonator

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 4 March 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Superchord Review

Superchord is an emulation of sympathetic string sonority, intended to add multiple and moving tuneful characters to your sounds. During my review of Superchord, I was reminded many times of different Eurorack and AE Modular modules I either own or listed as next to buy.

Superchord by lmdsp 1
Review of Superchord by lmdsp a Sympathetic String Resonator 3

The developer lmdsp provides innovative software for musicians, producers, and sound designers. Their focus is on creating audio tools based on original ideas and developing cutting-edge algorithms. Lmdsp did send a review copy with no strings attached.


With Superchord I was reminded immediately about my love of AE Modular, Semi-modular like the Moog DFAM and Eurorack like Clouds. With Superchord you can shape your sounds and tuned them to any pitch and create some very unique and pleasant vibes. Superchord shaped my played instruments and field recordings toward involved, exciting resonances.  It is an excellent tool to work with existing loops & samples on your hard disk by injecting harmonic layers into samples and musical loops.

To shape the sound you have control over many settings:

  • 12 string resonators with individual and global settings
  • Assignable LFO and envelope follower
  • Filter and saturation modules
  • Dynamics model to tailor string energy characteristics
Superchord by lmdsp 3
Review of Superchord by lmdsp a Sympathetic String Resonator 4

I did work with eurorack and AE Modules in the past months to create musical ambiances or textures. AE Modular and Eurorack modules are hard to use, with the tool, I found a pretty easy way to shape field recordings, and instruments into a vibe and tone I need. With other synthesizer-based Kontakt based instruments. We reviewed before layering the outcome with your tracks is the magic sauce you want for your tracks to stay unique. Any professional composer and sound designer should take a look at this tool.

The effect Superchord is now part of my top 5 effects to shape my legacy sounds into new spaces or when I need that special spice for sound design.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

Superchord added to my wider range of effect tools a sound design effect merged with an instrument. The Superchord effect allows you to take sounds into new unheard dimensions and gives you easy access to new sounds to your composition or sound effects. With tools like Superchord, you can perform sounds with the brilliance of a unique vibe and shape the tone to the needs of your job. I see this effect tools as an excellent choice for anyone who is working on sound design, sound beds, and needs that extra sauce for their composition. If you look for an effect to generate mysterious otherworldly and organic ambiances or textures you will find that with Superchord.

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