HEXO Arpeggiator & Sequencer

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 11 May 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

HEXO Arpeggiator & Sequencer

The core of HEXO is the pattern editor: the Grid. The Grid is a deep six-track sequencer, where you can meticulously write your patterns, thanks to a lot of parameters available per step, exclusive per-track time values, and global utilities.

Range-based random functions are also available as inspiration or smart kickoff for your search for the perfect pattern. HEXO loves to go polyrhythmic, polymetric, or both. It also likes catchy 4/4 stuff, of course!

According to the selected main mode, ARP or RIFF, you can set intervals or notes for each track, and thanks to the live input function, you can set these values by holding up to six notes on your MIDI keyboard; you can change the harmony on the fly, while the pattern is running.

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