SALE: drumatom² FX Bundle by accusonus

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

SALE: drumatom² FX Bundle by accusonus

Plugin Boutique is running a sale of the drumatom² FX Bundle (Affiliate Link) by accusonus.

Microphone bleed is the number one problem for any engineer who regularly records drums. It’s the biggest obstacle between producers and the sound of their dreams. Drumatom enables engineers to reduce or completely eliminate drum bleed, in a way that no other hardware or software can do. For example, have you ever wished you could remove hi-hat leakage from the snare track? You can do that with Drumatom, not only during pauses but during exact snare hits as well. Drumatom also allows for flawless leakage reduction in all close microphones, resulting in a natural and open sound.

Even a subtle amount of the “Drumatom effect” can free up considerable amounts of headroom for the rest of your tracks. In addition, by removing leakage from the drum channels you can experiment with your mixing tools (EQs, Compressors, etc) without limitations until you create the drum sound of your dreams! And to further improve your workflow, check also the drumatom player! The optional plugin companion to drumatom application allows for monitoring the leakage suppression inside the DAW session. 

drumatom² Features

  • Fix poorly recorded drums
  • Improve the quality of faulty recordings by reducing microphone leakage
  • Create headroom for the rest of your mix
  • Slightly reduce the leakage of your drumset while keeping a fully natural drum sound
  • Preserve low-level signals, such as ghost notes in a snare track
  • Filter out bleed based on spectral content rather than amplitude
  • Polish your sound by performing deeper individual processing on drum tracks
  • Compress the snare track more aggressively, since there’s less or no hi-hat bleed
  • Achieve authentic results
  • Preserve the micro-dynamics of the drummer’s performance
  • Build your unique sound signature
  • Avoid the excessive use of drum sample libraries

drumatom Player Features

  • n-DAW leakage adjustment
  • Dial-in drum leakage just like every other parameter in your mix 
  • Automate drumatom Player parameters 
  • Adjust leakage following the drummer’s performance 
  • Global Focus and Fine Tune
  • Adjust leakage simultaneously in all your drum tracks
  • Flexible routing 
  • Route drumatom Player outputs to any available DAW channel

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