Audio Ollie launched Rhythmic Cinema Devices – Uke

Rhythmic Cinema Devices – Uke is the first in the series of modern scoring toolkits, designed for use as a cohesive motor and driving element in your compositions. The library includes reps, riffs, trems, and more.

Audio Ollie sees Reps as the highlight of the library. They are playable multi-samples that have been cut from repeated phrases, giving them a cohesive quality. Using them in tandem with the sequencer, and ramping up the pre-roll allows for nuanced, organic pattern creation. While most of the reps are edited out of one moderate-speed tempo of phrases, the MS patches offer up to EIGHT different speeds of rep samples (from slow to very fast), which are triggered in based on playing speed. In all, the wide variety of performance styles (muted, plucked, finger tap, high register, low register, atonal/percussive, etc) gives a world of color to choose from in crafting your rhythms.

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