Fantastic Voyage a Multi-effect Virtual Stompbox by Giorgio Sancristoforo

Giorgio Sancristoforo released an updated version of there Fantastic Voyage is a multi-effect virtual stompbox with an integrated looper and a 4 (stereo) tracks recorder.
Fantastic Voyage was designed to process and store any external sound, like guitars, microphones, synthesizers.

With the matrix, you can connect the various sections of the software in any way you want. This means that there isn’t a fixed signal path and the possibilities of signal processing and re-processing, are immense.

Fantastic Voyage it’s excellent for live performance, as well as a compact studio that does not require any other software to run.

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Standalone Software

Fantastic Voyage is not a plugin. It’s standalone software, but if you want to use it with your DAW, you can connect the software to and from your DAW with any virtual driver, such as Blackhole (free) or Loopback (commercial but has more options).

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