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Forest Creature Sound Effects – Wood Textures, Giant Footsteps, Breaking, Creaking Wood Sounds




Forest Creature Sound Effects by Bluezone

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Forest Creature Sound Effects by Bluezone

Bluezone Corporation publishes Forest Creature Sound Effects, a massive sound library comprising a wide variety of breaking and creaking wood textures, small and large hits, splintering impacts, whooshes and attack sounds, giant footsteps, and detailed movements, falling trees, wind ambiances and more. This collection of subtle and meticulously recorded sounds can be easily dropped in all your sound design projects.

Forest Creature Sound Effects sounds can be used as they are or stacked with other layers to give more complexity to your productions. Extremely useful for fantasy and thriller movies, video games, animations, and documentaries, ‘Forest Creature Sound Effects’ contains 173 files delivered in 24bit / 96kHz, giving you the best quality for heavy editing and processing.

About Bluezone

Approaching 20 years of existence, Bluezone Corporation provides high-quality sample packs and SFX sound libraries for pro editors, filmmakers, soundtrack producers, and video game sound designers. From concept to finished product, our loops, samples, and sound effects are meticulously recorded and individually edited: we put the priority on quality rather than quantity. Until today, our team has released a huge range of inspiring sounds that you have most certainly heard in blockbuster, acclaimed video game, and talented artist music productions.


Forest Creature Sound Effects is available now. After purchase, all sounds are instantly downloadable and royalty-free for you to use in your commercial projects.

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