Synths 3 POLYSCAPE by Karanyi Sounds

Sparkling ambiances. Dystopian landscapes. Vintage synth beds. This is all POLYSCAPE – Karanyi Sounds latest synthesizer pad instrument

POLYSCAPE (Affiliate Link) is a boutique collection of synthetic pads for creating large synth soundscapes for your tracks. The engine comes with 40 sampled synth patches (so-called Modules) which you can freely mix, blend, melt together on 4 slots to design your own scapes.

Synth Modules are full-length sampled synthesizer patches divided into 8 subcategories: Strings, Brass, Reeds (flutes, woodwind-like sounds), Vox, Keys (piano, electric piano-like sounds), Organs, Morphs (analog orchestral sounds) and Specials (heavily designed sounds: recorded via VHS player or hardware effect processors).

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