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Ben Burnes Releases 2HTC Sample Pack Vol. 2




Ben Burnes Releases 2HTC Sample Pack Vol. 2

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Ben Burnes Releases 2HTC Sample Pack Vol. 2

This sample pack contains over 400 unique sounds sampled from the Two Hour Track Challenge project. These sounds vary from piano solos to spoken word to weird synth boops. I’ve used these sounds as texture and filler on so many songs over the past few years.

Most of these sounds were ripped directly from their source song with little processing. This process intentionally makes them a bit messy, helping create more layering and depth to your overall mix.

These sounds are public domain (Creative Commons 0). You are free to enhance, reuse, remix, or do whatever with these files. Obviously, linking back to the pack or dropping my name in your liner notes is encouraged, but not required.


The pack is only 2.99 USD, there is a discount code is “AprilJams” and is valid until the end of April 2020.

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