Heavyocity launches FORZO Essentials

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 1 April 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Heavyocity launches FORZO Essentials

FORZO Essentials delivers all the sheer brass power of the full FORZO instrument, with the more-streamlined content set for composers of all budgets and levels of experience.

FORZO Essentials is a collection of core elements from Heavyocity’s cinematic brass flagship, FORZO: Modern Brass. Recorded at the renowned Skywalker Sound in California, FORZO Essentials captures all of the orchestral brass power of the full FORZO instrument: explosive Traditional Brass, dynamic Hybrid Brass, and inspiring Brass Loops, but with a more-streamlined content set for composers of all budgets and levels of experience.

Heavyocity launches FORZO Essentials
Heavyocity launches FORZO Essentials 3

FORZO Essentials is the beyond-ordinary brass of FORZO, with an additional dose of Heavyocity’s signature sound design. Heavyocity’s award-winning creative team has effected, tweaked, and treated these pristine brass samples into an all-new crop of hybrid cinematic elements: with 25 unique Hybrid snapshots and 36 Loops. Add in the full functionalities of the innovative FORZO engine, and composers of all budgets and styles now have access to this new benchmark in orchestral brass.

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Heavyocity launches FORZO Essentials 1
Heavyocity launches FORZO Essentials 4

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