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New Freak (Vult DSP) Firmware




Vult DSP Freak VCF

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New Freak (Vult DSP) Firmware

Vult DSP announces the official release of the Freak firmware v2.1. The file has been available for a few weeks on Vult DSP GitHub.

Vult DSP Freak VCF
New Freak (Vult DSP) Firmware 4

Freak Firmware v2.1 – What’s New

The new firmware adds two new models that were ported from Vult DSP’s existing virtual modules.


This is a DJ style filter that combines a low pass and high pass filters controlled with a single knob.


A flip-flop octave inspired by the way the Boss OC-2 guitar pedal works.

image 44
New Freak (Vult DSP) Firmware 5

Upgrade your Freak-Firmware

You can download the firmware on the main Freak page. Vult DSP strongly recommends you use Audacity to playback the firmware file. Some people have reported to Vult DSP to update problems when using DAWs and music players.

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