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FluffyAudio Launches Spaghetti Western




Spaghetti Western

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FluffyAudio Launches Spaghetti Western

FluffyAudio developed Spaghetti Western, a unique library inspired by the Sergio Leone trilogy and the typical soundscapes of the most famous Spaghetti Western movies.

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Considered as a joke over a year ago, FluffyAudio was looking for something particularly fun and easy to play and settled on this idea. FluffyAudio it to be an inspiring tool that could strongly drive the hand, the heart and the mind of the composer. As in the desert, where mirages can drive you far away from the planned destination, you’ll find the same happens in Spaghetti Western: time flies and you’ll find yourself wandering the Old West, surrounded by unsavory figures. Not to worry, though; in Spaghetti Western you’ll be equipped with the necessary gear to be the hero of the story.

Spaghetti Western features

  • Detailed Acoustic Guitar with our unique Strumming Engine
  • Banjo
  • Blues Harmonica with extended articulations
  • Chromatic Harmonica
  • Beautiful Classical Guitar with Strumming Engine
  • Cornet with Legato
  • Country Singer, a solo non-operatic voice with 3 different Legatos
  • Vintage Drum-Kit with Rolls and Extended Techniques and Brushes
  • Electric Bass
  • Electric Baritone Guitar with Legato, Tremolo and multiple techniques
  • Electric Guitar with Legato, Tremolo and multiple presets
  • English Horn with Legato
  • Forty Niner… strange male noises to spice up your music!
  • Glockenspiel
  • Jew’s Harp with controllable phrase speed and multiple patterns
  • Three Ocarinas with Legato
  • Opera Singer, a wonderful solo Singer with Ohhs and Aaahs Legato
  • Outlaws Choir derived from Dominus Choir with also word shouting and Vowel Legato
  • Piccolo Trumpet with Fast Legato and multiple articulations
  • Recorder with many extended articulations such as Flutter, Legato
  • Timpani with modwheel controlled Rolls
  • Trumpet with two kinds of legato (Fast and Normal) and extended articulations
  • Tubular Bells
  • Vintage Strings, pre-processed from Venice Modern Strings with Polyphonic Legato
  • Western Sounds, from wind noises to gunshots
  • Male whistling, with Legato and two kinds of attack (glissando or straight)

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