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Infinite Brass 1.4 by Aaron Venture is out




Infinite Brass 1.4 by Aaron Venture

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Infinite Brass 1.4 by Aaron Venture is out

The Update 1.4 for Infinite Brass is a monumental milestone for the library and paves the way for the future of Infinite Series. It features all-new spaces, recorded and rendered with new technology and techniques developed especially for Infinite Series. The new spaces give a completely new sound to Infinite Brass, allowing its note-to-note and dynamic consistency to shine like never before.

Infinite Brass 1.4 by Aaron Venture is out
Infinite Brass 1.4 by Aaron Venture is out 3

The rooms were picked to closely match the old ones in terms of reverb time, or rather to fulfill the Large—Medium—Small—Dry selection of default spaces. Due to some complications, the “Large” space is not present in this update and will be added in the future.

Also, trumpets have been completely reworked from the ground up, much like horns back in January 2019. Update 1.4 also adds a piccolo trumpet to the already impressive instrument list, as well as new, expanded euphoniums.

Infinite Brass Patch Notes – v1.4

  • Fixed a bug where some controls would reset to their default setting after disabling and re-enabling
  • Kontakt
  • Fixed a bug that caused the instrument to produce no sound if Mixed Mic was turned on while Spot or
  • Main mics were soloed (faulty logic)
  • Fixed a bug which caused the dynamics to sometimes glitch to the maximum value for a moment when
  • playing a legato note of specific velocity during a soft attack with vibrato (yeah…)
  • Progressive Vibrato Rate switch added – enabling this switch will allow the script to create a non-linear
  • progressive ramp-up of the vibrato rate with every note change
  • Vibrato fade-in adjusted (more accurate note attacks while playing molto vib)
  • Dynamics now affect the amount of vibrato being applied (lower intensity on lower dynamics)
  • Attack, release and legato pitch behavior adjusted across the board (no more squeaky-clean releases)
  • Mixed Mic reworked – 5 different mixes now display fader positions (clarity and aesthetics)
  • Added the Humanization switch which randomizes note timings, velocities and legato duration
  • Attack Time at highest value now enters velocity mode, where note velocity determines the attack time
  • Added the Attack Accuracy knob which determines pitch accuracy on attacks (for ensemblier ensembles)
  • Glide Depth knob deprecated except for trombones, where it’s renamed to “Glide” and inverted
  • Character Menu deprecated (a relic of the past)
  • HQ switch – uses higher-quality filters at the price of an increased CPU hit
  • Legato Minimum – you can now set the minimum allowed legato velocity (if you want to avoid long ones)
  • Removed sample start pre-load to reduce RAM usage (for a smaller footprint than a Google Chrome tab)
  • New spaces recorded using newly developed techniques (fully replacing the old spaces)
  • Added a space selection GUI
  • Added a position selection GUI
  • CLOSE mics instead of SPOT mics (spots were just too much in-your-face and dry)
  • Chorus effect deprecated (Horns)
  • Tone, legato and dynamic curve adjustments (Horns)
  • Pedal tones’ pitch and dynamics behavior improved (Horns)
  • All new trumpets (replacing the old ones)
  • Tone, legato and dynamic curve adjustments (Trombones, Tubas, Bass Trumpets)
  • New straight mute for tubes (Trombones, Tubas, Bass Trumpets)
  • Soft attack curve adjusted (Horns)
  • Spot mic panning fixed for R and L positions (oops) (Trombones)
  • Dynamics curve between mf and ff adjusted (Trombones)
  • Notable breath fluctuation improvements for all instruments

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