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Realitone Expanded Refund Policy




Realitone Expanded Refund Policy

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Realitone Expanded Refund Policy

Mike Greene announced a new Refund Policy for products purchased from Realitone. With the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a new reason, as some people are suddenly finding themselves in financial situations they hadn’t expected.  In some of those cases, they may now be regretting some non-necessity purchases they made earlier in the year. Purchases that made sense when everything was normal, but now that so many are unemployed or underemployed, priorities may have changed.

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Realitone Expanded Refund Policy 3

If that’s you, and if one of those purchases was from Realitone, then please take Realitone up on our refund offer, even if it’s outside the 30-day window. (Details below.)

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