The Resource – Lost Tapes by Ueberschall

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 2 April 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

The Resource – Lost Tapes by Ueberschall

Whether you want to construct a complete solo, build some groovy chord or bass parts, or simply want that short, stand-out, instrumental hook to take your production to another level, The Resource – Lost Tapes is a musical treasure chest, waiting to be mined. The library is ideal for producers of House, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, or for a dash of something real to add to your latest electronic production. It is also a brilliant complement to the original The Resource release.

The Resource Lost Tapes ueberschall 1920x1080 1
Vintage Licks & Phrases.For music, film, TV, advert, radio or online productions.

Massive Collection Of Phrases And Licks

This release has some serious history. When we released the original The Resource library, it combined four legendary Ueberschall products that were previously never available as digital downloads. One of those products was Vintage Licks & Phrases. For this title, we had recorded a massive collection of inspirational musical phrases. These were played on a wide selection of instruments by some top-class studio musicians. After weeks and weeks of editing, Vintage Licks & Phrases was released in 2002.

The Resource – Lost Tapes is available for a special introduction price of 49,- Euro till April 12th, 2020. The regular price is 149,- Euro.

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