Use Soundtoys Effect Rack FREE

To help you make your home studio a happier one, Soundtoys is letting you use Soundtoys Effect Rack FREE through June 30. (Effect Rack does not include individual plug-ins, and not all Soundtoys effects are in the Rack – Little AlterBoy, Little Plate, and the other “Little” plug-ins aren’t included. You can find them for sale in Soundtoys web store.)

Effect Rack is a creative multi-effects system that allows you to create custom effect chains. It’s a single, self-contained plug-in that comes preloaded with 14 full-featured Soundtoys effects that you can use within the Rack* including EchoBoy and PrimalTap for delay, Decapitator and Radiator for rich analog saturation, and powerful rhythmic modulation and filtering from Tremolator and FilterFreak. The power of Effect Rack comes from its global controls. Once you’ve created your perfect combo, use the Recycle knob to create a feedback loop, the global Mix control for parallel processing, or save your effect chain as a preset.

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