Ultimate Bass House by House Of Loop

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 2 April 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Ultimate Bass House by House Of Loop

If You know about Bass House Music, then You should be aware of the following labels: Confession, Dim Mak, and Musical Freedom.

For those of You who want to sound like Brohug, Loge21, Magnificence, Matroda, Moska, and of course, Tiesto, this pack is for you! The following will aid You and Your compositions in bringing The BOOM to Your parties.

Ultimate Bass House by HouseOfLoop

Ultimate Bass House by HouseOfLoop (Affiliate Link) contains

10 DRUM LOOPS DIVIDED IN FULL/HAT/KICK&CLAP/ NOKICK/PERC 124 BPM to lead up to the more energetic segments

10 DRUM LOOPS DIVIDED IN FULL/HAT/KICK&CLAP/NOKICK/PERC 126 BPM Here, these are great for the slowing down moments, that lead into the faster tempos


Ultimate Bass House by HouseOfLoop

Here is where this pack hits full party momentum. Great for when You want Your listeners to go wild. The other parts can segue and also create more of an atmosphere, where the House Music aspect can shine

  • 10 BASS LOOPS 124 BPM the bass throughout cuts through the track and really bumps up any of your tunes. This bass is a bit slower and can be more pronounced, really great for drops and breakdowns.
  • 10 BASS LOOPS 126 BPM. The bass here, may not sustain as long as the previous, but it just has a faster “attack,” Once again, these are some heavy-hitting bass tracks.
  • 10 BASS LOOPS 128 BPM. Here we have the fastest tempo bass in the pack. They may have less duration than the previous, however, You will have the audience jumping when the music gets faster.
  • 10 SYNTH LOOPS 124 BPM. The synth in this pack, like most of the loops, lends itself well to the energetic festival Bass-heavy music. So, while it is at a slower tempo, it will be quite catchy and melodic.
  • 10 SYNTH LOOPS 126 BPM With the faster tempo comes more of a middle ground between the previous and the following. Great for more subtle transitions, and more chill melodic moments.
  • 10 SYNTH LOOPS 128 BPM. While the bass is heavy, the synth parts are a great contrast to that heaviness.
  • 20 EFX. These are also more useful contrasts that can cut through some of the bass in the pack.
  • 20 BASS SHOTS. Heavy Bass shots. Some can be gritty and at sub-level.
  • 20 SYNTH SHOTS. These shots can cut through some of the basses, and also can enhance the bass drops
  • 20 CLAP SHOTS. Bring more of a dancing vibe to the music.
  • 20 HAT SHOTS. The hats are crisp and clean.
  • 20 KICK SHOTS. These kick shots add to the potency of the bass. They can provide more punch in your bass. Making them even more deadly.
  • 20 PERC SHOTS. While the pack is Bass Heavy, there is always room for more percussive parts.

This House of Loop (Affiliate Link) pack is for You Bass House lovers and anyone that wants more of that heavy Bass mixed with the hype of the more well-known EDM music. So, go out there, Drop some Bass, and get closer to reaching Your Ultimate faster and heavier bass house potential via this pack

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