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SoundForce Launches Dual ADSR – New Eurorack Module




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SoundForce Launches Dual ADSR a New Eurorack Module

The SoundForce Dual ADSR is a feature-rich envelope generator with full CV control of each stage. It features 2 identical envelope sections, one on the top and one on the bottom. Each section has 4 manual sliders to control each stage of the envelope. The CV input signals are added to the position of the manual slider allowing you to modulate the ADSR curves with external CV sources.

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High performance digital module

The Dual ADSR is powered by a 120Mhz ARM Cortex-M microcontroller with a built-in DAC. This modern chip allows for extremely smooth envelopes curves even at high frequencies. Thanks to digital technology, the implementation of CV control in software makes the hardware more simple thus economical and allows for different time ranges and 2 curve responses (LIN/EXP).

Juno obsession

The ADSR curve of my Juno 106 was replicated and is available in time range M in combination with the EXP response. Please note that the attack phase is linear in that mode to model the Juno ADSR faithfully.

3 time ranges

The Dual ADSR has 3 time ranges:

Dual ADSR 3 time ranges
SoundForce Launches Dual ADSR – New Eurorack Module 5


– 20HP
– Depth: 38mm (including power connector)
– Power: +12V 85mA, -12V 10mA
– GATE & RE inputs range 0V or 5V
– OUT range 0V to 10V
– INV range 0V to -10V
– EO range 0V or 5V
– CV inputs range -5V to 5V

Price and Availability

It’s available right now to order at 199 euros (incl VAT for EU customers) in the webshop. Please note that the module is not yet in stock at all at SoundForce dealer webshops.

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