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FREE ASMR by 8Dio Available Now




FREE ASMR by 8Dio Available Now

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FREE ASMR by 8Dio Available Now

Thanks to 8Dio Free ASMR, your compositions will acquire a new dimension in which you will be able to drive the listener through sensations other than just ‘hearing music’.

ASMR recordings are a new and original way to enrich your scores with new levels of madness. With over 800 samples of unique ASMR content, you have a swiss-knife of tools that will allow you to combine and create almost anything you want as a layer to your music.

Create a unique sensation on your compositions by adding ASMR content. The difference between this and ordinary samples is that when heard with headphones, the listener will be transported to a world of unique sensations – as if they were in another place. 8Dio Free ASMR is not an ordinary library, every single sound was created with that in mind. You add the samples to your musical pot, and the result is a new sensation where you drive the listener to your world.

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Over a couple of months, 8Dio asked the community to submit ASMR content to create a library that would explore these types of recordings. Thanks to you, 8Dio collected over 8 GB of content, edited it, cleaned, and organized in a unique library that has everything from human whispers to messing around with everyday things. ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The recordings are intended to be heard with headphones, producing a unique tingling sensation to the listener. 

8Dio AMSR Ears
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Free ASMR is a follow-up to 8Dio recommended Free AngelsFree Radicals, and Free You libraries, which were done in collaboration with the awesome community of users. The idea with 8Dio’s FREE ASMR Project was to create the largest ASMR instrument. All 8Dio asked was that people recorded/design five or more ASMR sounds, whether it was percussive, melodic, or atonal. 8Dio took all the contributions and put them into a single sample library. They edited, programmed, designed, and distributed the entire collection and also added a large chunk of personal materials to it. With the end result being a large assortment of quiet, detailed, and spine-tingling instruments. No restrictions, no rules, no limits.

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