Zenbeats by Roland Free for iOS & Android

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 8 April 2020
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Zenbeats by Roland Free for iOS & Android

Roland Zenbeats is a music creation app designed to keep you in an effortless artistic flow. Get started on any device or platform.

With its collection of both modern and legendary sounds, Zenbeats brings Roland’s history of innovation into a dynamic, accessible environment.

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Roland Zenbeats provides access to extensive beat making tools and comes stocked with a collection of kits and pattern presets. Craft powerful rhythms with classic Roland sounds, studio kits, and grooves. Audition and sequence drum sounds, then swipe from left to right to create fills, double-time hits, and ratchet effects. Adjust your pattern’s length and time signature to meet your needs.

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Incorporating MIDI Polyphonic Expression, Zenbeats gives you detailed control of each note’s parameters. MPE, paired with an intuitive touchscreen interface, makes working in Zenbeats a uniquely expressive experience.

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Zenbeats by Roland Free for iOS & Android 6

SampleVerse is a powerful, inspirational tool. Play, edit, and capture sounds from your world, including acoustic instruments and live vocals. With its phrase arpeggiator, multiple oscillators, and powerful filters, SampleVerse makes musical possibilities infinite.

Roland Zenbeats’ elegant, touchscreen interface places you in a tactile music-making zone. Zenbeats arrives pre-loaded with on-screen controllers, instruments, and effects. Tap, swipe, modulate, and pitch bend sounds using gestures with Zenbeats’ on-screen instruments including drum pads, keys, and ultra-flexible note grid.

Experience all nine instruments and 14 effects with your free membership or upgrade to “Ultimate” to unlock external plugin support, automation graphs, and other features.


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