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ZERO-G Releases Fraktale Fragmente By Neueheimat

Fraktale Fragmente is an experiential multi-format sound library of handcrafted electronic signals.

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ZERO G Releases Fraktale Fragmente By Neueheimat
ZERO-G Releases Fraktale Fragmente By Neueheimat 2

Fractale Fragmente is an excellent, innovative multi-format sound library from the Hamburg-based electronic project Neueheimat. Neueheimat is the brain-child of Dennis Grell and Philipp Staudinger – two producers and sound designers, whose idea was to create an unconventional library of sound tools for film and video soundtrack creators experimental music artists and alternative EDM producers.

Fraktale Fragmente Sections

An-Aus : On/Off
Switches, noises from mechanical stuff

Funk : Radio
Noises, blips, drones, switches, fragments of the noise floor , over the airwaves

Cuts from live performances.

Sounds from studio/music gear, partly sequenced, vco-love

Industrial sounds from machines, reflections, rooms, hangars

Getaucht: Submerged
Underwater recordings with specialized equipment/microphones. Harbour, ships,
nature, things thrown in water, bathrooms

Tief: Deep
Deep frequency sounds, sub drones etc

No key, no scale, without adjusted freq.

Full Kontakt required

To use the Kontakt GUI version you will need the full version of Kontakt 6.2.1. To use the standard non-GUI Kontakt files you will need the full version of Kontakt 3.5. They will not work in the free Kontakt Player. Users are still able to use the other included sample formats, even if they do not own Kontakt.

Special Pricing

ZERO-G offers a special ​launch offer 25% off! Fraktale Fragmente is currently only $29.95.

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