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Empty Vessel Launches Ghosts – WAV Edition




Empty Vessel Launches Ghosts WAV Edition

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Empty Vessel Launches Ghosts – WAV Edition

Ghosts is a collection of drones, tones to create playable instruments, background layers, stabs and fx noises full of dust, noise, and crackles.

Empty Vessel Launches Ghosts – WAV Edition 5

Ghosts is a continuation of the Empty Vessel’s fascination with the imperfection of all types. The bruises, and battle-scars, the ghosts, and dust which are inherently missing quite often from software instruments and ITB production. Greg from Empty Vessel really set out to create a set of inspiring samples. Those serve as jumping-off points in the creation of dark ambient or soundtrack compositions but they would work well in a range of bass-orientated and lo-fi genres. The sounds are dusty, dirty and full of artifacts both analog and digital.

Tapes 2 of 1 scaled
Empty Vessel Launches Ghosts – WAV Edition 6

The sources are very diverse but include some samples from Empty Vessel tired old Austrian upright piano. Using a Rode NTG1 microphone to focus very closely in to capture some out of tune notes. And string scrapes and pluck and noises from the wooden case of the piano itself. Other field recordings, heavily processed, are also used along with some hardware synths and software sources. Processed through an array of software, cassette, dictaphone, reel to reel and of course, their vintage hardware samplers (Akai S1000KB, Ensoniq Mirage & ASR10 and Akai X7000).

S1000 BS2
Empty Vessel Launches Ghosts – WAV Edition 7


Ghosts – WAV Edition is available now. If you own the TAL Sampler version of Ghosts you have these samples already included in that package, there’s no need to buy this version

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