Disco Soul & Boogaloo Rhythms by Organic Loops

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 9 April 2020
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Disco Soul & Boogaloo Rhythms by Organic Loops

Organic Loops are proud to present Disco Soul & Boogaloo Rhythms, an authentic collection of sounds that perfectly convey the rhythmic sounds of classic Latin R&B music. With a history stretching right back to the 1960s, this style continues to sound fresh and contemporary even today – so grab this 100% royalty-free selection while it’s hot!

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Boogaloo and Salsoul came out of Spanish Harlem in New York City during the 1960s and is considered to be the roots of the Nuyorican Soul movement. Mixing the sounds of Salsa with Rhythm and Blues it fuses popular rhythms like Son Montuno, Cha Cha Cha, Guaguanco, Jump Blues, Mambo and Doo-wop. The main exponents include great percussionists such as Mongo Santamaria, Ray Barreto, Tito Puente, and Pucho. Its influence can be heard in many great artists including, Herbie Hancock, Joe Bataan, Joe Cuba and many more. 

Coming with 1.95GB of content, Disco Soul & Boogaloo Rhythms contains a huge helping of all the crucial percussion and drum parts that provide give boogaloo beats their solid foundations. You’ll find an array of full and mixed drum kit loops, made up of vintage Gretsch and Ludwig drum kits, vintage Zildjian cymbals, vintage valje congas, lp timbales, cowbells, bongos, guiro, maracas, clave, shekeres and JCR Campanas with all the expected levels of Latin soul found in abundance.

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With loops playing between 90-140bpm, this collection will certainly bring a vintage charm to your beats that will fit perfectly in any Spanish or Latin oriented styles, but will also work well in house, tech house, hip hop and reggaeton music alongside other dancefloor styles.


In detail, expect to find 1.95 GB of content, with all audio at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 12 drum percussion groove kits, 143 drum kit loops, 74 full mixed loops, 67 mixed percussion loops, 60 timbale loops, 59 conga loops, 47 maraca loops, 32 guiro loops, 29 drum fill loops, 27 bongo loops, 25 campana loops and 17 shekere loops. Also include are 580 Rex2 files.

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