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PerforModule Releases Social Isolation Freebie: “Secret Weapon” Racks




PerforModule Releases Social Isolation Freebie “Secret Weapon” Racks

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PerforModule Releases Social Isolation Freebie: “Secret Weapon” Racks

PerforModule “While we’re going through some crazy times right now, it has been heartwarming to experience how humans have upped their compassion game in response to the shared crisis. I’ve seen more freebies and crazy deals going on this past week than any other time I remember, which seems because people want to help each other, share and be nice (well, not so much a certain political faction in the USA who seems to prefer that regular people suffer as much as possible. But that’s another topic). With graciousness and care for their fellows is how humans should act, rather than trying to take advantage of each other sleazily—which happens all too much.

In this spirit, i am offering up my super-secret stash of “Sweetie Pies”—a small collection of effect racks for Ableton Live Suite 10, each crafted to address a specific need in a sweet manner. These are highly practical yet fun racks with the primary purpose of “getting stuff done”.

I WAS planning on releasing this pack eventually anyways once it grew a bit more, but to expedite the process of getting you the goodies, I’ve decided to simply omit the not-quite-finished devices, give everything a good once-over, and release the pack for free as it is now.

sweetie pies 1
PerforModule Releases Social Isolation Freebie: “Secret Weapon” Racks 3

Enjoy your free Sweetie Pies.

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