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Updated Clap Pack by Loops de la Crème

Loops de la Crème updated the CLAP PACK with 173 new samples. This donationware is now at version 3, with a total of 451 acoustic claps and snaps recorded over the last 20 years, and well organized in 26 folders.

Updated Clap Pack by Loops de la Crème 1
Updated Clap Pack by Loops de la Crème 2

The update brings a selection of really cool and unique samples recorded in drum booths, various studio rooms, vocal booths, empty flats, and as a bonus, Loops de la Crème included a few stadium claps!


The Clap Pack was the first LDLC product, and for the last 8 years, it has been available as a ‘Name your Price’ download. Enter ‘0’ as a price for a free download or make a small donation to support this project 🙂 You can download the new version here. The original Clap Pack was created by Julien Tauban for Loops de la Crème in August 2011 and updated April 2020.

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