8Dio launches Emotional Guitars: Pads

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 13 April 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

8Dio launches Emotional Guitars: Pads

A new Kontakt Library Emotional Guitars: Pads is now available. A couple of years ago, 8Dio wondered how they could make a library that could encapsulate the most important human emotions, those that drive 8Dio to act the way they do, what makes us human. After some research, 8Dio discovered the Plutchik Wheel, which would summarize human emotions in a wheel, relating them by proximity and similarities.

  • Cinematic Emotional Guitars
  • Over 2 years of production time
  • +1300 unique looping Emotional Pads
  • 32 Human Emotions at your fingertips
  • Based on the Plutchik’s Wheel
  • Intuitive Easy To Use GUI
  • Stack Articulations To Create New Pads
  • Advanced UI with 4-part XY Effects Engine

Easily access the emotions from two main patches grouped A-F & G-Z. Each emotion is expressed with multiple octaves of pads with every key being a unique sound to truly capture the spirit of the emotion. Quickly access any emotion and control its unique identity with the range of front-facing effects including attack, release, speed, pitch envelope, glide and offset.

8Dio used this information to create a library that could help you create pieces aimed to make listeners feel such emotions. Emotional Guitars took over two years to produce with several months of recording sessions fine-tuning the guitar tones and making sure that each sample speaks from the heart.

Plutchik’s Wheel

Psychologist Robert Plutchik theorized that there are eight primary emotions joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, anticipation, anger, and disgust. The Plutchik’s wheel illustrates eight primary emotions and 24 complimentary emotions. This tool not only demonstrates the emotions that relate to one another but also show you the emotions that are polar opposites. This is invaluable information for composers. Using this tool helps bring clarity to emotions, which can sometimes feel mysterious and overwhelming.

eg UI L6 1
8Dio launches Emotional Guitars: Pads 3
8Dio launches Emotional Guitars Pads 1
8Dio launches Emotional Guitars: Pads 4

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