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Chicago Dutch – LA Hard-House Collision by Industrial Strength

This is a modern Industrial Strength (Affiliate Link) twist on these amazing styles all in one complete package. This pack (Affiliate Link) combines all the best features of these styles. Industrial Strength mangled it up and turned into one Hard Dance audio explosion.

Expect to find 161 Hard house Squiggle Synths to mash and bang into your tracks. Over 150 Drum Shots plus loads of Fx and Groove Loops. The producer also made 45 Vocal Samples to give this pack that real Chi-Town feel.

ISR_Chicago Dutch LA Hardhouse Demo1_M5

Industrial Strength new collection (Affiliate Link) will also work with Nu Gabber which is hitting the clubs in the U.S.A. and France. You can use this pack across loads of styles even Raw style. The loops and samples are tempi marked at 150 Bpm. Industrial Strength also added high quality 909 drum kits and bonus audio from our Wind Up pack just to round it off. Yeah, it’s a banging pack folk.

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Experience all the styles of Hard-house in one essential pack. Industrial Strength even included a few simple Midi Files to get your groove on with whatever synth you use. This pack like all Industrial Strength packs is 100% License Free. Can’t beat that.

I would also like to point out this pack was made in Chicago. By a Hard-house producer back in the day. How’s that for the real deal. Industrial Strength did not miss a trick on this release. Just check Industrial Strength demo tracks out. They should say it all.

  • 752 Files
  • 903.8 Mb
  • 161 Synth Loops
  • 50 Claps
  • 20 Crash
  • 20 High Hats
  • 20 Rides
  • 20 Rim Shots
  • 20 Snares
  • 19 909 Kit
  • 19 909 Pumped Kit
  • 34 Groove Loops
  • 30 Hat Loops
  • 21 Synth Perc Loops
  • 10 Impacts
  • 20 Midi Files
  • 61 Kick Loops
  • 25 Perc Loops
  • 32 Riser Fx
  • 28 Snare Fills
  • 25 Synth Stabs
  • 34 Top Loops
  • 45 Vox
  • 38 Big Kick Loops
  • 25 Wind Up Bonus Pack

If you make Hard Dance or Hard Electronic Music this newest sample pack collection is pure fire.

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