GALAXIA by LP24 Audio

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 9 April 2020
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GALAXIA by LP24 Audio

LP24 is extremely proud to present GALAXIA (Affiliate Link), an exciting collection of out-of-this-world sounds and samples! Inside you’ll unearth 743MB of content including 273 masterful Xfer Serum Presets, Loops, and MIDI files designed to empower modern music composers and producers who enjoy exploring the futuristic and stimulating sounds of the great unknown. Get ready to experience the extraordinary depth and charge that you need to ignite your music creation process!

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GALAXIA (Affiliate Link) delivers 91 exceptionally crafted Serum Presets, 91 corresponding loops, and 91 MIDI files.


Each Serum preset has all 4 macros carefully assigned for maximum sound sculpting and creative automation. Many of the 91 presets include mod wheel assignments to filter or timbral controls.

GALAXIA is an opus of sound that makes music creation fun and explorative. LP24 Audio uncovered a wide spectrum of inspiration, handpicking only the most useful Serum Presets possible. The attention to detail and clarity of sounds is absolutely breathtaking and on a cosmic scale…

Sounds Included in GALAXIA:

• 16 Ambiences and Atmospheres (hold a note and new worlds unfold)
• 19 Melodic Arpeggios (perfectly syncopated lead rhythmic ideas)
• 17 Basslines (sequenced bass patterns while holding a note down)
• 8 Bass (deep and powerful low end punch and sustaining power)
• 5 Hit/FX (thunderous booms, stabs, impacts, and sonic smashes)
• 5 Keys (perfect for melody writing or custom arps)
• 2 Leads (soaring, heavenly sonics)
• 15 Pads (majestic, deep, evolving and moody)
• 4 Stabs (brams, big horn stabs, heavy synth hits)

All sounds from the demo are included as Serum Presets (no external effects or samples used), including the huge brams and hits! Imagine a go-to comprehensive sound bundle for your music and think GALAXIA.

LP24 Galaxia Cover
GALAXIA by LP24 Audio 4

This collection was skillfully constructed by composer and sound designer extraordinaire Jens Kiilstofte who has written music for video games, films, TV, and many other published works. Jens and LP24 teamed up to celebrate the multi-dimensional creativity of both iconic film composers and music producers who blur the lines between emotive soundscapes and full on bangers. Download GALAXIA today to experience the fabric that connects sound to inspiration!

LP24 Audio highly recommends downloading the latest version of Xfer Serum to get the most out of this product.


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