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#StayInCreate Campaign by Loopmasters and Loopcloud




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#StayInCreate a free plugin, tutorial, and sounds package 

As musicians and creative people, there has never been a more important time for making music and staying true to our passion. Making music not only inspires us, but it also inspires others and brings people together. It is a way to escape, motivate us, and essential for our well-being. 

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#StayInCreate Campaign by Loopmasters and Loopcloud 3

During this time Loopmasters (Affiliate Link) and Loopcloud (Affiliate Link) have teamed up with Plugin Boutique(Affiliate Link), Producertech and iZotope to create a free plugin, tutorial and sounds package that we call #StayInCreate.

#StayInCreate gives you access to 3 months of Producertech All Access Membership, Plugin Boutique’s Radio plugin, and iZotope Neutron Elements (Affiliate Link). Which pair perfectly with the 1GB+ library of sounds available with the Free version or Studio Free Trial of Loopcloud (Affiliate Link). 

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