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Together We Create

Antelope Audio is initiating a campaign called Together we create to support the audio community with activities aiding creativity and offers to ease the music-making journey while staying safe at home.

Stay Home and Mix With Doctor Mix

Clearly this is an unprecedented time in our collective history, one which will be long remembered. As Antelope Audio collectively continues to navigate its way through today’s troubled waters, it is here to help — hence working tirelessly to launch activities and offers to ease the music-making journey while encouraging people to stay home, be creative, and not lose faith in things getting back to normal, ultimately. Until then, stay safe and keep making music. After all, making music is something people do together. Music connects. Music overcomes distance. Music is capable of transcending social distancing, which we all respect during these trying times… Together we create.

Many musicians have already turned their home into a studio space while quarantined during the Coronavirus crisis. Creatively, though, these challenging times are an opportunity to produce something longer-lasting and more meaningful. Music has always managed to bring people together through good times and bad. “Boat of Souls” is a joint effort between songwriters, artists, and musicians to create a song that will inspire and bring people together. The theme of the song is: “We are all souls in one boat and together we can overcome this challenge.” Joining the LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS project, Antelope Audio is on a quest to prove that social distancing does not necessitate losing the connection between individuals, and everyone is invited. As a starting point, original drum beat, guitar harmony, and rhythm samples created by LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS will be uploaded to their website, where anyone can download them as a basis for creating their recordings. Samples and video contributions can be sent to But not everyone has access to the tools needed to take part, and, as an acknowledgment, Antelope Audio has prepared a limited number of emergency recording kits, available on a first-come, first-served basis to those who are really in need of support. Stay tuned for more information on the project and how anyone can participate here.

Antelope Audio has also announced some supportive offers that are available during the Together we create campaign. Anyone purchasing a Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Discrete 8 Synergy Core, Orion Studio Synergy Core, Zen Studio Synergy Core, or Orion 32+ | Gen 3 audio interface between April 1 and May 31, 2020 will receive a Together we create voucher valued at $1,000.00 USD/€1,000.00 EUR. Valid until May 31, 2020, this can be redeemed against additional real-time effects purchases from the expandable library of the audio interface in question, kickstarting an Antelope Audio music-making journey as a truly experimental experience. Existing owners of those audio interfaces can benefit from a $200.00 USD/€200.00 EUR discount against additional real-time effects from the expandable library of the audio interface in question with a minimum combined purchase value of $300.00 USD/€300.00 EUR by applying the WECREATE code — active until April 30, 2020 — at checkout.

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