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Technophobia 03 by Delectable Records




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Technophobia 03 by Delectable Records

Technophobia 03 (Affiliate Link) by Delectable Records delivers a sharp cutting sound collection, a must-have for all TechHouse, DeepTech and Techno producers.

Technophobia 3 512
Technophobia 03 by Delectable Records 4
Technophobia 03 by Delectable Records

Inspired by labels such as CLR and Drumcode, this essential package Technophobia 03 (Affiliate Link) aims to give you maximum flexibility and features 522 Techno sounds between 351 modern Wav Loops and170 highly usable Hits and One-Shots. Expect to find 212 Drums Loops for a total of 20 Drum kits, 58 Groove Mixed Loops available as Tops and separate Parts, 6 Synth Pad Loops, 41 Arp Synth Loops, 12 Bass Rolling Loops, 22 Bass Synth Loops as well 20 Sfx-Rise Shots, 30 Sfx-Fall Shots, 20 Snare Shots, 20 Ride Shots, 20 Hat Shots, 20 Kick Shots, 40 Perc Shots.

Technophobia 3 628
Technophobia 03 by Delectable Records 5

All files are key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier, each sound is mastered in our studio with high-end hardware and it has been designed to appeal to beginners, intermediate and professional users alike.

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