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Dark Cinematic Atmospheres by THICK Sounds




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Dark Cinematic Atmospheres by THICK Sounds

“Did you hear that?” This is the kind of sentence told by a terrified character that could absolutely be applied over the samples taken from this pack.  THICK Sounds (Affiliate Link) offer a big range of creepy sounds in order to intensify your cinematic parts: gloomy atmospheres, loud impacts, disturbing FXs, post-apocalyptic synths and Sci-Fi Tones…

Demo Loop
Demo Loop
Demo Loop
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Dark Cinematic Atmospheres by THICK Sounds 4

Here’s what to expect in detail: about 550 Mb of samples recorded at 24Bit & 44.1 KHz. 20 Atmospheres, 10 Drum Hits, 59 FXs, 40 Impacts, 7 Metallic Fades, 8 Percussive Elements, 26 Sci-Fi Tones, 32 Synths and 20 Futuristic Vehicles Effects.

All of these samples include in Dark Cinematic Atmospheres (Affiliate Link) are fitting for movie soundtracks or music productions. Just check the demo track and loops and get ready to add a highly useful tool to your Atmospheres collection!

Dark Cinematic Atmospheres by THICK Sounds 5

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