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Istanbul Cumbush by EarthTone

Istanbul Cumbush (Affiliate Link) by EarthTone a collection of traditional cumbush melodies that have been professionally played by exceptional musicians to reflect its unique and characteristic sounds.

Istanbul Cumbush by EarthTone 4

The cumbush is a Turkish stringed instrument of relatively modern origin. It was developed in 1930 by Zeynel Abidin Cumbush (1881-1947) as an fretless oud-like instrument that could be heard as part of a larger ensemble. It is shaped like an American banjo, with a spun-aluminum resonator bowl and skin soundboard. Although originally configured as an oud, the instrument has been converted to other instruments by attaching a different set of neck and strings.

Istanbul Cumbush by EarthTone 5

In detail expect to find 565MB of raw content featuring 93 beautifully played Istanbul Cumbush (Affiliate Link) loops at 90/110/130bpm and includes a dry version (w/o any additional e.q, compressor or reverb effects) and wet version of each, giving a total of 186 files. All loops are Key and tempo labeled for ease of use. All sounds are ready to fit straight in your tracks.

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This instrument can be used accompanying other instruments and perfectly usable in variety of musical genres whether you’re producing world music, ethnic & organic folk music, experimental, cinematic, ambient, meditation, live lounge, electronica or even hip hop also suitable for film score, documentaries and media compositions as well – the only limit is your imagination!

Please Note: This is an “Istanbul Cumbush (Affiliate Link)” pack ONLY, other sounds contained within this Demo are for illustration purposes only.

Istanbul Cumbush by EarthTone 6

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