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Erica Synths Launched Fusion Modulator




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Erica Synths Launched Fusion Modulator

Erica Synths Fusion Modulator is a compact, all-analog modulation source with lots of distinct features. Fusion Modulator consists of several blocks – two EMS Synthi functionality inspired looping envelope generators with simultaneous unipolar (0V-10V) and bipolar (-5V-+5V), VCA, Noise Generator, and Sample&Hold.

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Erica Synths Launched Fusion Modulator 3

Fusion Modulator Features

  • Fully analog design
  • Two looping envelope generators with Attack, On, Decay and Off time control
  • CV control over Decay time
  • Simultaneous unipolar (0V-10V) and bipolar (-5V – +5V) envelope outputs
  • Manual trigger button
  • End of Cycle output
  • VCA with the offset control
  • Zener diode-based white noise source
  • Sample&Hold circuit with an internal and external clock source

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