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Focusing on Guitar Fury by Sample Logic




Focusing on Guitar Fury by Sample Logic

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Focusing on Guitar Fury by Sample Logic

Guitar Fury (Affiliate Link) from Sample Logic includes over 40gb of guitar samples and guitar-inspired presets. The video investigates how you can produce and compose with this library to compose music in different genres.

The interface of Guitar Fury (Affiliate Link) is extremely simplistic and smooth compared to the earlier Cinematic Guitars Kontakt Libraries. With the changes in place, you can concentrate on making sounds instantly and producing music.

Guitar Fury (Affiliate Link) is concentrating on playable instruments. You can perform leads, plucks, pads, etc, and can cover many genres from rock, pop, EDM, to cinematic and lo-fi.

Guitar Fury Features

  • 594 Instruments & Presets
  • 43 GB Sample Content
  • Made entirely from multi-sampled guitar instruments
  • Dynamic meta-tag browsing system
  • Hot-swappable effects chain technology
  • Randomization refined for instant and creative inspiration
  • Streamlined User Interface for stress-free composing

You can get beautiful, clean tones or dark and brutally aggressive sounds, which is what I want to really explore in this video: how to use the library and adapt it to two completely different styles, uplifting pop/rock/EDM, and dark, eerie cinematic music.

Special Pricing

Owners of any of Sample Logic’s Cinematic Guitars libraries are eligible for a crossgrade discount when purchasing Guitar Fury (Affiliate Link). or get the FURY BUNDLE (Affiliate Link) which includes also Drum Fury.

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