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Ableton’s Loop Music-Making Weekend




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Ableton’s Loop Music-Making Weekend

On the weekend of April 24–26, 2020, Ableton brings the Loop spirit to you. Ableton was more than a little disappointed not to be able to host the Loop summit in person this year. Every day of the Loop weekend, Ableton is entertaining a music-making challenge, sharing downloads, and curated pieces of inspiration. Bringing you live-streamed talks and performances from the homes of some of our favorite creators.

Abletons Loop Music Making Weekend
Ableton’s Loop Music-Making Weekend 4

Then, at 7pm CEST/1pm EDT each day we’ll join an artist in their home for a live broadcast:

Friday, April 24: Sebastian Mullaert
Saturday, April 25: Rachel K Collier
Sunday, April 26: Andrew Huang

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Ableton’s Loop Music-Making Weekend 5

Broadcasts will remain available to watch on the Loop website throughout the weekend.

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