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Mellow Chillhop Beats by Apollo Sound

Apollo Sound proudly presents Mellow Chillhop Beats (Affiliate Link) a huge record-breaking lofi hip hop sample pack. It’s a fundamental and irreplaceable toolkit for all ChillHop & LoFi Hip Hop producers and beatmakers, full of chillful sound sources! 3.04 GB of the smoothest lofi & chill hip hop samples in Apollo Sound new inspiring sample collection called Mellow ChillHop Beats.

The Mellow Chillhop Beats (Affiliate Link) pack is an optimum combination of exclusive live instrument recordings, advanced sound design technologies & off course creativity of Apollo Sound in-house producers. You can expect to find inside a huge amount of calming jazzy keyboards & pianos, dusty LoFied melodies, lush synth tunes, retro-styled saxes & trumpets, soulful guitars & tight bass loops (synth, upright & live). And all that is peppered with hand-crafted MPC beats, midi chord progressions, custom-made drum hits, smooth musical samples, chopped grooves & vinyl scratches.

Mellow ChillHop Beats (Demo 1)

For those who strive for initial inspiration, Mellow Chillhop Beats (Affiliate Link) offers 16 brilliant chillhop, LoFi & BoomBap song starters, fully detailed, mixed and volumed (including midi files). So you just need to drag-n-drop it into your project and start changing them with your vision.

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Mellow ChillHop Beats (Demo 2)

Mellow Chillhop Beats (Affiliate Link) includes sound materials for creating all common subgenres of Chill Hip-Hop: LoFi Hip-Hop, Jazz Hop, ChillHop, Soulful BoomBap, Synth Hop & Funky Hip-Hop. It also can be easily used in every modern Downtempo genre, whether it is RnB, Chill Trap, Future Soul, Future Bass etc.

This is an indispensable thing for all those who are inspired by the music of J Dilla, DJ Premier, Jinsang, Joakim Karud, Jeff Kaale, Panthurr, or ones who want to make chillhop beats in ChilledCow, ChillHop Music, Jazz Hop Café channels style. In any case you’ll have 1400+ precisely selected samples & loops to sample, to chop or to use as it is.

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